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Follow the Champion

Share when customers leave to prospects with the partner(s) that work the account.

Share Marketing Data

Enable co-sellers to more intelligently sell on your behalf based on marketing related engagement.

Dynamic Sales Playbooks

Share & receive technical knowledge, case studies, & selling opportunities related to ongoing sales activities.

Mutual Winwires

Make success repeatable by breaking down good news & sharing win stories across partner sales teams’.

'Channel leaders and B2B marketers can no longer succeed with human-centric processes to manage their partner programs.'

- Forester

Scaling partnerships requires securely accelerating the exchange of data:

  • Discovery – Account alignment, Products, Opportunities
  • Demand Gen – Playbooks, Marketing, Following the Champion
  • Co-Selling – Pre-sales, Post-sales, MEDDIC

How it Works?

1. Partner

Invite/accept the channel partners you want to create workflows with

2. Field Map

Define and title the CRM fields to potentially share with your partners.

3. Request Booleans

ie. When conditions are met between CRMs, share desired data fields, delivered in specified format.

4. Approve

Once booleans are mutually approved by admins, your Channel-Workflow (aka ChannelFlow) is set!

Grow with the flow!

When it comes to effective co-selling, account mapping is just the beginning!

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We are working towards becoming a Salesforce Partner and available on App Exchange.


ChannelFlows is also a member of UCF Business Incubator, we love Central Florida!

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